I worked at a cognitive training startup from 2012 to 2015. There, I wore many hats: game designer, UX designer, and team coordinator (liaison between executive, designer, and development teams spread across California, New York, and Latvia).
What follows are mostly high-fidelity mockups I created in Photoshop to illustrate the game designs I came up with. 
Tile Game
I was inspired by Chuck Close paintings and created a puzzle game based on tiles using the color schemes from his paintings. The goal was to clear the board. Selecting a tile would remove any adjacent layers which had matching colors.

Word Game #1
Players have a bank of letter combinations that they use to create words from. Under a one minute time limit, they must create as many words as they can from this bank. Letter combinations and words are superimposed over blowfish, and longer words create a larger blowfish. Points are given based on the number of words created and the length of the words created.

Word Game #2
Players are first presented with a definition. On the next screen, they are asked to select the correct matching word among a number of choices before the time limit runs out.

Word Game #3
Players are presented with a cue word, and then players must click on either synonyms or antonyms of the cue word before they quickly fade into the background. 

Cue word screen

Video simulation of proposed gameplay.

Proposed logo for the company. Goals: nod to the puzzle motif of previous logos, create a simple logo that scales well, and evoke the metaphor of a lightbulb going off in the head.

Web Design Mockups
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