It's a virtual coin flipper originally rigged to always land on tails first, made for an experiment on cheating. My first website designed from scratch, coded in HTML/CSS/Javascript and designed in Photoshop.
THE Study
Participants were told that they would receive a bonus that should be determined randomly, by a coin flip. If they flipped heads they would receive a larger bonus, and if they flipped tails a smaller bonus. They were given a link to a separate, independent site to flip a virtual coin. Unbeknownst to participants, this site was rigged to always land tails first, the undesireable outcome. 
My primary goal was to create a legitimate-looking website that looked unconnected from the study. My secondary goal was to make coin flipping feel fun. I accomplished these goals by first designing a clean, modern interface that contrasted with the university-branded online survey. Then, I made the act of flipping a coin fun with a spinning animation and a high-pitched coin sound.
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